mindful movement

is one of the foundational pillars to vibing high.


we live in a world in which the average individual would be described as busy, a-type, a go getting and living in a state of stress. when we are living in a state of stress, our sympathetic nervous system is in constant overdrive. SO, you know that constant state of fatigue, anxiousness, mood fluctuations, uncontrollable emotions or frequent illness?


that's your body telling you, I need a break, I need rest, I need to recharge and I need to raise my vibration to level up to my highest potential. 

mindful movement is a state in which you are living in the present moment without fear, distractions and limiting beliefs. it is a catalyst to activating the para-sympathetic nervous system, which is where we are able to rest, digest, release, accept and level up.

during my offering of classical hatha yoga, I will guide you to through the a slow paced series that will align and calm your mind, body and soul to reduce your stress, release your limiting beliefs and raise your vibration. while holding and reflecting in postures for 2-5 minutes, you will internalize to deepen your practice, create space for growth and honour your vibrational energy.


classical hatha yoga


refers to the opposites in our lives with relation to
HA meaning the sun and THA meaning the moon or light and darkness.


up coming offerings


six week yoga series

location : home studio in keene ontario 

investment : $90 
details : tuesday evenings 6:30pm-7:30pm


tues mar 10th 2020

tues mar 17th 2020

tues mar 24th 2020

tues mar 31st 2020

tues apr 7th 2020

tues apr 21st 2020

are you ready to level up and prioritize your highest energetic self?

reserve your mat space by connecting with me via email below. a follow up email including location and payment details will be sent to you within 24 hours of registration.