what's really in your sandwich?

Before you take the next bite into your lunch, ask yourself... Can I trust that this sandwich loaded with sprouts, tomatoes, chicken breast, mustard and lettuce is exactly just that? Am I ingesting GMO’s, pesticides or herbicides which could cause damage to my body long term? Am I nourishing my body or feeding a disease?

Many foods consumed on a regular basis such as beet sugar, soy, corn, canola and cotton contain GMO’s. Foods such as, ketchup, vegetable/canola oil, white/brown sugar, fructose, dextrose, candy, processed foods, preservative, puddings, to-fu, glucose and anything that has a modified starch.

What exactly is a GMO?

It is, an organism in whose genetic identification (DNA) has been scientifically altered in a way that is not naturally occurring. Crops are genetically modified to withstand environmental conditions, herbicides, pesticides and diseases. Conventional farmers may use GMO as well as pesticides and herbicides to maintain their crop yield, reach supply and demand, and to increase their profits.

Unfortunately, GMO’s and conventionally grown crops and livestock have been directly linked to an increase in allergies, auto- immune disorders, cancer, weakened immune system and birth defects.

How can you avoid GMO’s?

Shop organic, grow your own crops or purchase locally from a trusted source. When a product is “Certified Organic”, it refers to the way the crop or livestock is grown, raised and processed. Organic farming practices include growing crops with natural fertilizers such as mulch, controlling insects naturally by using other insects, birds and traps as well as rotating

crops and tiling the soil.

There are specific and extensive standards and testing, which must be met and maintained before a product can be labelled certified organic. This is an expensive certification for a company to with hold and stay accountable to, which is reflected in the price of organic food.

Your health is worth the investment in good quality and nutrient dense foods. Support local and ask questions about the products you are buying.

Wishing you a wealth of wellness,




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