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Updated: Aug 13, 2018

After spending the last few months of sleeping in, running around outside, having naps whenever one desires, playing games and going to camp with your friends, getting back into a routine can be very challenging. When challenges arise, so does stress. Back to school can come with many stressors for both parents and kids. Here are our top recommendations to reduce stress, illness and critters.


Stress and change impacts everyone differently. We tend to forget that children can experience stress also because they are young, full of life, fresh and free. Although children have the ability to bounce back from illness and injury faster than adults, it doesn’t make them bulletproof. When you become stressed, your immune system becomes weakened and the likelihood of catching a cold or the stomach bug increase. Although children may not seemed stressed, if they are lacking sleep, nutrients, fresh air, and movement or struggling in school, their body is experiencing stress, which lowers their immune system. Two of the best ways to strengthen a child’s immune system is with probiotic and a multivitamin.

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Plain yogurt dressed up with fruit & maple syrup is a great way to start your day! If your child or children are picky with taste and texture, Samuraw Organic Complete Powder has you covered. This delicious chocolate drink mix contains probiotic, vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetables and electrolytes. It is also gluten free, vegan and sweetened without high fructose corn syrup. This is the perfect product to cover all your needs in making sure your child is supported and nourished.


Another way to reduce stress, build immunity and improve behaviour for your child is reducing sugar intake. Sugar is in everything and kids love it just as much as parents love caffeine. It gives them a boost of energy, followed by a crash when they get home. Two of the most sugar filled snacks that kids love are granola bars and juice boxes which tend to contain added refined sugar. Instead of removing the snacks that your kids enjoy, we recommend switching to a healthier option such as Kiju juice boxes which are 100% pure fruit juice and Made Good granola bars which have vegetables, immune boosting mushrooms and are allergen safe.


Every year, without a doubt, head lice travels through the school at least once. Not all are affected, but it’s pretty hard for your child to not get it when they are sharing toys, playing together or sitting next to someone who has lice.

Head lice are teeny tiny little parasites that nest and lay eggs on human hair. Contrary to popular belief, lice are attracted to clean, healthy and nourished hair. They thrive in this environment by feeding on blood by biting the scalp. This biting is what causes you to have an itch on your scalp. Although the itching can be incredibly irritating, the problem isn’t so much the bug, but rather the eggs. In order to remove lice, you must focus on removing the eggs.

One of the best ways to prevent and combat head lice, is to use Tea Tree essential oil. Tea tree oil has the ability to destroy and release the eggs from the scalp as well as prevent from lice latching and laying eggs.

Adding a few drops to your everyday shampoo and conditioner as well as rubbing a few drops in the palm of your hand and running through your hair will reduce the chances of lice laying eggs.

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If you come into contact with lice, it is recommended to use the LiceMeister comb to remove the eggs and preventing spreading. This comb has tiny, thin metal bristles that help to remove the release eggs from the scalp. To be ahead of the pesty parasites, I recommend having both products on hand to use as needed and for prevention.


As much as you may be dreading getting you and your family back into a routine come September, starting earlier then the day before school will ensure a successful first day of school! Start your back to school shopping, organizing and preparing 1-2 weeks before school starts. This will make the transition easier for you & your kids’ stress levels.

If your child is struggling to stay healthy, focused or sleeping, we encourage you to pop into one of the Jo Anne's Place locations to talk with one of their product educators to support you and your child’s needs.

wishing you a wealth of wellness,