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marissa laughlin

where we support women to raise their vibrational energy with sacred rituals to honour and radiate self love, beauty and wellness.

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wealth of wellness

my wellness journey started when I was eighteen. prior to then, I was your average teenager in college, drinking, passing the classes I needed to and figure out this thing we call life. after years of mistreating my mind, body and soul I hit rock bottom with my health. I was misdiagnosed with IBS (but, who isn't) and later found out that I in fact suffered with an autoimmune condition, celiac disease. aside from digestive disturbances, malnourishment and chronic fatigue, I also struggled with mental health and body image issues.

throughout my wellness journey, became frustrated, confused and unsure as to what I needed to do to gain control of my health. I knew there wasn't one magical pills, superfood or yoga pose the was going to help. I realized I needed to stop seeing my health as an end goal or project, but rather a life long journey of loving and caring for my temple to raise my vibration of living.

levelling up to your highest self doesn't happen overnight, but the journey of self love, proper self care and high vibe wellness rituals makes the journey incredibly beautiful and honourable. 

show you

let me

being ill acted as a catalyst to prioritizing my wellbeing because, everyone deserves to feel well.

yes, you too.

deep down, underneath the many beautiful and unique layers of your true being, there is a flame.. a urning..a desire to be the best version of you.

it is time to stop showing up half in, mediocre, average or with a half light flame.

it is time to wake up your soul, your passions,
your highest self and inner flame to
radiate self love, beauty and wellness. 

it is time to level up and I am here to help you.


to living at your highest vibe level

+ gratitude

+ harmonizing the elements

+ harnessing your energy centres

+ releasing limiting beliefs

+ understanding your intuition

+ living with intention

beauty rituals

self love practices

wellness routine

+ daily scared rituals

+ elevate your beauty from the inside out

+ postiive affirmations

+ meditation

mindful movement

+ nourishing nutrition

+ intentional daily routine