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where we help women raise their vibrational energy with sacred rituals to honour and radiate self love, beauty and wellness.

marissa laughlin

meet your leader

hi love! I am so grateful that the universe allowed our paths to cross. I image you are here because you are ready to level up to your true being, to raise your frequency and to align your lifestyle with high vibe rituals.

I see you, I hear you, I am here with you. 

are you prioritizing your 

self love rituals?


high vibe lifestyle 

are you ready to raise your vibration and align with your highest self?

how i can help you level up

Reiki Treatment

holistic facials

relax, release and restore using  ayurvedic skincare techniques 

Child's Pose

hatha yoga


starting March 2020!

Chopping Vegetables

nutrition programs


1:1 consultations available

rising ritual online program


coming soon!